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Katy Perry – Starstrukk – Lyrics – Sözler

Nice legs, Daisy dukes, makes a man go ..
Thats the way they all come through like ..
Low-cut, see-through shirts that make you
Thats the way she come through like
Cause I just set them up, just set them up,
Just set them up to knock them down..
I think I should know how to make love to
Something innocent without leaving my fingerprints out,now
Love’s just another word I never learned to pronounce
How do I say I’m sorry cause the word is never gonna come out now
Love’s just another word i never learned to pronounce
Tight jeans, Double D’s makin’ me go
All the people on the street know Iced-out, lit-up make the kids go
All the people on the street know …

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